CALLING ALL ARTISTS: Come make art w/ us regarding the theme of “The Impossible Dream.”

I just finished acting in a movie called "THE WALK", directed by Robert Zemeckis. The film is based on Philippe Petit’s dream to walk across the World Trade Center towers on a tightrope in 1974 — I play Philippe. My favorite part of this story is that Phillipe had this impossible dream that he was able to achieve with courage, conviction and persistence. This inspired me to create a new collaboration on hitRECord RE: THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM.

One of the main ways you can contribute is by RECording yourself on camera talking about an Impossible Dream you have -and then filming yourself doing it. You could also do a Q&A on camera talking about an Impossible Dream you have already achieved, or one that you are in the process of trying to accomplish.


You can also CLICK HERE to visit the official site of “THE WALK.”

Thanks again <3


Take a look at this. Cool stuff going on here :)

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    Ooooo a personal project! And I know just what to do! It has to do with flying! My airport! And my Lifelong Impossible...
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    Love this idea! Gonna work on it and see what I can come up with :)

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